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As a boutique beef supplier, we are committed to providing consistently premium products, and we can do so because of our long-standing relationships with reputable meat suppliers. We have over 40 years of beef buying experience, and whether you seek USDA Prime, Choice Black Angus or grass-fed, hormone/antibiotic free beef, AA-USA will meet your needs. Whether as your procurement arm, or adding our total supply chain capabilities, we will deliver the consistent quality you deserve.

We handle door-to-door shipping needs, offering complete brokerage and freight services. AA-USA is HACCP, FDA and USDA certified, and is the only facility in the state of Florida that is authorized to warehouse E.U.-approved beef for export. Proper documentation in the arena of import/export is essential — our team of professionals will ensure that products clear customs and get to their destination as quickly as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Popular grades and types of beef:

USDA Prime grade beef contains a combined high ratio of marbling with the youngest maturity of beef. It is significantly higher in price because less than 2% of the beef graded is Prime.

USDA Choice grade beef is the second highest grade of beef. It has less marbling than Prime, however still contains sufficient marbling for tenderness and taste. This is the most popular grade of beef.

USDA Select grade beef is somewhat leaner and is very uniform in quality. It is fairly tender, but, because it has very little marbling, it may lack some of the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades. Many chefs are finding Select, while not possessing the same marbling as Prime and Choice, is a wonderful grade for menu items where monitoring fat content is critical. “Lean and mean!”

Angus Beef derives from a Scottish breed of cattle, formerly called Aberdeen Angus, after their place of origin. Angus cattle are among the most commonly used breeds in American beef production. They are popular among producers and consumers because they have more meat on their bones than other breeds, as well as distinctive " marbling" — the flecks of fat that contribute to flavor and texture. Black Angus refers to the predominant hide coloring amongst the original Scottish Aberdeen Angus population. If a color is not specified when referring to Angus cattle, it's presumed to be black. Red Angus refers to a breed resulting from the selection of red hide cattle from the Angus population, which has always had both red and black cattle.

Kobe Beef is named for its region of origin in Japan and is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness. It is also known for its high market value. Kobe beef cattle are fed special diets and also treated quite humanely, with a great deal of care, as the calm atmosphere keeps the musculature of the animals in a relaxed (tender) state.

Domestic & Australian Kobe Style is an imported Japanese Kobe Wagyu cattle crossbred with Angus cattle — to span and survive US climate. The cattle are fed a special grain, mimicking Japanese feed of corn, alfalfa, barley and wheat-straw, for a minimum of 350 days. Extended feed time and special grain both contribute to the high fat marbling in this beef.

Do you want the best for your business? Call AA-USA!

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